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This page allows you to schedule an appointment for Netherlands Visa at your convenience. The appointment is only for submitting your application. Although there is an obligation from each applicant to submit his / her application in person, you may submit your application through a Travel Agent or Representative.

If an interview is required the same will be intimated to you at the time of submission of your application or you may be intimated by phone through our Application Centre.

For cancelling or rescheduling an appointment, applicants are requested to drop a mail to our info Id (infonorth.nlin@vfshelpline.com) 24 hrs prior to their submission date at the VFS Netherlands from Monday-Friday except on holidays mentioned under the link 'Holidays'.

Please note that you will be called at the counter for submission/enquiry as per your token no. issued after security procedures.

Please follow the following links to schedule an appointment in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore or Chennai Visa Application Centers as per your preference

Appointment Scheduling for All India Application Centers (Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore Chennai & Kolkata)
Print appointment letter for All India Application Centers (Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore Chennai & Kolkata)
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